Hospital Consultants

We advise hospital consultants who have private practice activity on their financial obligations, as set out in tax legislation.

This ensures that your accounting records and tax returns are compliant. We also advise consultants who do not have private practice activity but need tax advice, primarily this will concentrate on potential exposure to the annual allowance tax charge or the lifetime allowance tax charge.

  • We can advise you on a suitable book-keeping system and set this up for you.
  • We can do your book-keeping for you.
  • We advise on expenses which are tax deductible to ensure that claims for expenditure are not missed.
  • If you do medico-legal work or other work which may be subject to VAT then we can explain how VAT works and help you to comply with legislative requirements, right down to doing your VAT return for you.
  • We make sure that you understand your future tax payments and can make proper and adequate provision to save for future tax liabilities.
  • We consider tax planning issues relating to your NHS pension scheme membership, working with sector specialist IFAs where applicable.

Most importantly, as accountants, we look at tax planning with you. Currently we are looking at using limited companies as part of our tax planning advice to hospital consultants with the opportunity to pay tax at 19% on private practice income instead of, perhaps, at 45%.