GP Locums

We can help you through the maze of regulations which you face when you become a self employed GP locum.

  • We help you to complete the necessary forms and explain your responsibilities as set out in tax legislation – so that you make sure that you set up appropriate accounting records for your income and expenditure. We can recommend industry specific apps for record keeping.
  • We advise on the claims that you can make for tax-deductible expenses.
  • We prepare your tax return from your data and advise on forthcoming tax liabilities.
  • We can give you an indication of your likely tax liability when we first meet and we can update this advice on an ongoing basis.
  • We help to work out how much to save for tax from your monthly income so that you can be confident that your future tax bills are provided for.
  • We look at alternative business structures with you, such as operating through a limited company. We will explain how this might work for you and how it links into the tax system and your NHS pension membership. We will also advise on topical issues such as the application of IR35 tax legislation to locum companies.
  • We advise on all aspects of the NHS pension scheme and how it works for GP locums. We will show you how to complete the Locum A and B forms and complete your year end Type 2 Practitioner earnings form with you.
  • Currently we are talking to our clients about tax planning for the Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance. We work with sector specific IFAs where applicable.

As your career progresses you might decide to join a practice as partner. We can help you understand the financial structure of the practice you are joining, how you fit in and what your financial obligations for capital investment are. Because we act as accountants for so many GP practices we are very familiar with arrangements for new partner buy-ins and can support you as you negotiate your terms.

We recognise that GP locums are often at the start of their career and will be unfamiliar with the financial responsibilities and tax systems for the self-employed. We spend time with you explaining how this works and how what you are doing fits into the system – so you don’t have to worry about surprise tax bills. And we make sure that you maintain adequate and compliant accounting records.